Saturday, May 16, 2015

Corn in the backyard, 2015 -- week 1

May 10

We noticed evidence of planting in the field behind our house on April 28 this year, and by May 6 the first of the plants were emerging from the soil.  That's not the earliest emergence we've seen here, but it comes pretty close.  Although the temperatures were near nomal around the end of April, warmer weather in the early half of the month had evidently warmed the soil enough to make planting viable by the 28th.  The plants shown above measured 2.5" tall by May 10 when these pictures were taken, and since we've enjoyed plentiful rain this spring, I suspect they'll get a good start.


  1. I love your farm reports! -Lida

  2. Thanks, Lida. Lord willing we'll have many more this summer!

  3. I know summer is for certain when I see the annual corn reports. :)


  4. Victoria: ready or not, here we come!