Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good news, bad news

The good news is... Karen's engagement ring and wedding band are welded together so they are easy to remove and keep track of.

The bad news is... they get dirty when she wears them while washing dishes.

The good news is... they come off easily so they stay clean longer.

The bad news is... they sometimes get misplaced.

The good news is... they are usually on the windowsill by the kitchen sink.

The bad news is... they weren't there this time.

The good news is... she put the rings in her pocket.

The bad news is... they fell out of her pocket.

The good news is... our friends found the rings in their driveway.

The bad news is... the diamond was missing from the engagement ring.

The good news is... we found the diamond in the same driveway.

The bad news is... it's not Karen's diamond.

The good news is... it's bigger and better than Karen's old diamond.

The bad news is... it won't fit in the engagement ring setting.

The good news is... my cousin married a jeweler and he has a shop only four miles from our home.

Okay, the part about the bigger diamond isn't true. The good news is, the rings are back, Karen's diamond is back, and I'm confident my cousin's husband can put them back together again. A happy ending after all!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reformation Day Faire, Day 2

Saturday started cloudy and rainy, but the weather didn't dampen our desire to celebrate the work of the Lord in the Reformation of the 16th century, and anticipate his reforming work in our time.

The banner is still performing faithful service on its third outing.

Sir John Walsh (aka James McDonald) shared his observations on William Tyndale's role in the Reformation, and his impact on the culture around him.

Meanwhile, Charlie was hard at work preparing his tribute to the work of the reformers through the medium of crayon and coloring book.

This was the only time I was able to get a photo of Kevin Swanson standing still. Some favorite KS quotes from this weekend:
"Revival lasts for a short time. Reformation lasts for generations and means our children and grandchildren walk with the Lord."
"What the government controls, in general, it destroys."

Caleb, and his little brother Joshua (not pictured), got new matching costumes this year, placing them firmly in the running for the "Cutest Kid in a Peasant Outfit" competition.

Lily and Karen were also sporting new clothing. This time they're dressed as mid 16th century Flemish peasants... and very cute Flemish peasants if you ask me.

Because it was raining at the start of the Market Square, all the booths were set up inside. That did not dissuade the Degenharts as they took on the world on the chess boards.

Lily and Gretel had help from Ashly on the first shift at the bag-making booth -- and had plenty of customers. I think the kids must be catching on as no one sewed their bag to the tablecloth this year!

After the Market Square, the rain let up enough to enjoy the Highland Games at the park. Here's Gretel cautiously observing the hoop rollers while she readies herself to unsheath her dagger should the need arise.

The security squad also enjoyed new uniforms this year, blending 16th century fashion with 21st century electronics.

The caber toss was as popular as ever. In this shot, someone's dad shows excellent form, making one wonder if he has Scottish ancestry.

Peter also showed good form, and intensity almost as great as all the competitors behind him! You'll have to enlarge this one to appreciate the expressions on the faces of the onlookers.

The next generation of caber tossers looks on with varying degrees of interest.

As always, the English country dancing on Saturday evening was very popular. Thanks to all who joined us this year, and a warm invitation to all you others to join us next year. Thanks for visiting the blog!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Reformation Day Faire, Day 1

Charlie Zahm blessed us with his music again this year, beginning with this concert this evening. The afternoon sessions featured teaching from Marcus Serven and Kevin Swanson, but unfortunately, I wasn't present to photograph or enjoy those presentations.

The crowd was large, but not yet packed to the limit.

Although this is a bit blurry due to the low light conditions, you'll have to trust me that this guy sings really well.

Mr. and Mrs. Castle enjoying the concert.

Here's Elder Price busy with his portrait service. Business was already brisk and the weekend is just beginning!

Part of the cry of The Reformation: Sola Fide, by faith alone.

I'll try to get more photos tomorrow, and hopefully comments that are more insightful. Thanks for visiting!