Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Main bathroom remodel, part 3

Our last bathroom post left the room covered in white primer -- an empty canvas in many respects.  We had several ideas about a new color scheme for the room, but none of the ideas was obviously superior to the others.  When all your options look good, pick one and move forward!

We knew we would be applying a different color glaze over a satin base coat so we found this brownish/grayish combination that seemed to go well with our plans for white tile around the white tub, as well as the white trim and baseboard.

The glaze was applied with a sheep wool pad we found several years ago, and it appeared that the wall color would also coordinate well with the new cabinets.

We even found tile that also promised to coordinate well with the other colors in the room.  There was only one problem: when Karen looked at the walls and floor and imagined facing each day in this room, she felt more depressed than livened.  Even though the gray worked in theory, it did not show much promise in practice.

On to plan B.  This combination of yellows was more acceptable.  As with the gray, the darker base coat (Cup of Tea) was covered with a lighter glaze (Creamy Camel) applied with the sheep wool pad.

Once applied, we weren't happy with the contrast between the two colors, so we added another coat of glaze over the Creamy Camel, this time using the darker Cup of Tea as the colorant in the glaze.  That extra coat softened and blended the colors so the effect is more subtle.

The new wall color didn't go very well with the floor tile, so the gray tile came out and this tile with a browner hue replaced it.

Not long after the walls and floor were finished, we were able to install the cabinets in their new configuration.  The base cabinets will give us about as much storage as we had previously, but the wall cabinets add significantly more volume.  More progress has been made since these photos were taken, but that will have to wait until our next report.  Thanks for visiting!