Sunday, January 25, 2015

Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas: A Beautiful Saturday

Our first full day in town on this trip included delightful weather which was about 15 degrees F warmer than average for December 27, and gloriously sunny.  Not surprising then that the crowds in the Historic District were the largest we've ever seen here any time of year.  Combine beautiful weather with the weekend between Christmas and New Years and festive decorations around Colonial Williamsburg, and it's not difficult to understand why others would want to be there with us.

 The decorations around CW are different at each building (as far as we could tell), and usually consisted of a wreath or similar arrangement of natural materials, often including food. Here's an example on one door whose peacock feathers caught our eyes.

Although Bassett Hall is a modest home from the Rockefeller's perspective, I think the main entrance has some elegance and is enhanced by these holiday decorations.

A closer view of one of the arrangements next to the door...

... and a closer shot of the wreath above the door.

This arrangement graced the entrance to one of the taverns.  Apples seemed common to many of the decorations, and often included apples of different colors like in this example.

Finally, lest you doubt the beauty of the weather, I include this shot of the girls approaching Bassett Hall -- beautiful enough to almost make you wish you lived there.