Sunday, August 17, 2008

Corn in the backyard, week 12

August 17
Special thanks to my wife for standing next to the corn in the blinding 9 AM sunlight to illustrate how tall the corn stalks really are. Special honors to the person that comes closest to guessing the height of the tall tassel directly over Karen's left shoulder. Answers will be accepted in most common units of length.


  1. Let's see.....Hmmmm, my dear friend Karen is about 5' 8", so I think 10 foot 8 inches would be about right:-) Mr Riggenbach, am I close?

  2. 10'8" is pretty close. Consider that Karen is actually 5'9", although slouching slightly in the photo. Then again, the corn stalk is a little behind her so the camera's perspective is a little skewed....