Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Construction update #5

This is how the garage project looked at dusk on Monday, August 25th. Cement has been poured in the footing trench and some concrete blocks have been procured for the two rows of block that will sit on top of the footing. Samuel Evans put in his first day on the project today, acting as Gene's assistant. I haven't witnessed Samuel on the job, but I'm told he's a good worker.

You can see the tracks of the cement truck between the house and the cherry tree. Judging by the tracks, I think the truck traversed the entire yard in order to get around all our obstacles to reach the west side of the construction site. One obstacle was removed to make room for the truck -- can you tell what was removed?

Tuesday, August 26th saw some of the block laid as evidenced in the photo above. This is the west wall looking north. Did I tell you that Karen's dad once worked as a bricklayer? Consequently, I have a lot of confidence in his ability to lay a firm foundation for the building. Hmmm... maybe we should cover the entire building in brick...

Finally, here's the big view of the project at the end of the day Tuesday. Looks like more block laying tomorrow and probably more grading as long as the tractor is still available. Thanks for reading...

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