Thursday, November 11, 2010

Construction update #37

The barn has been mostly finished for about two years now, and it's been pretty natural to just walk across the yard to get to it. Somehow, natural didn't seem very civilized though. I've been quick to offer tours to anyone that cares to humor me, but sometimes the ground is soft when you want to lead someone across the yard, making the trip less than pleasant. Especially for civilized ladies.

Like any good gentleman, I want to keep the ladies happy, (and I'd rather walk on a path than through the mud) so the path to the barn finally found its way to the top of the project list. The fact that the path meanders a bit on the way to the barn is purely intentional for a couple of reasons. First, anyone can make a straight path (notice the path along the side of the barn). Second, a meandering path is a whole lot cuter than a straight path, and we all know it's all about the cuteness!

As always, here's a view from the roof of the house. You can't see all of the new path, but you can see enough to recognize that the trip to the barn will be civilized from here on. Now maybe I should add the rail to the stairs in the back....


  1. It looks really nice!! Can't wait to see it in person.

  2. That is indeed a very cute path♥

    And I love how very neat and tidy everything always looks at casa de Riggenbach☺

  3. Heather -- we look forward to your next visit

    Diane -- thanks for the confirmation. The neat and tidy part is largely a function of pointing the camera the right direction, and picking up stuff before you take the photo. I didn't take a photo from the barn back toward the house because there were too many things to pick up!