Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mystery in the Backyard

We've started a new project in the backyard, but you'll have to guess what it might be.


  1. I know! I know!! I know!!!

    Those are posts for a new clotheline, right?


    OK, maybe it's gonna be a really, really short clothesline... but it's significantly longer than my clothesline (since I don't have a clothesline... sniff sniffly sniff) Karen, I am sooo jealous of you and your brand new clothesline. No matter how short it is;-)

  2. Hmmm, on Sept. 11th, maybe it's a twin towers monument?

  3. I know what it is... but I won't spoil it for others.

  4. Diane -- nice guess, but there are no plans to mount a clothesline to these posts. I'm kinda embarassed to tell you that we actually removed the clothesline from our yard about two years after we moved in. I guess a windy yard is wasted on us in that respect.

    Mr. Yen -- After I had fixed the posts in the yard I was so struck by their resemblance to the twin towers that I intentionally saved this post for Sept 11 wondering if someone else would see the same thing I did. Unfortunately, a Sept 11 monument is only a secondary purpose for this lumber.

    dlr -- your powers of perception seem to get stronger every year....

  5. Sarah says you do these things just to keep people wondering!

    Kristi says you're adding on to the back deck or you've been to Colonial Williamsburg too many times and you are building your own stocks.

    Emily says you are building a picket fence, also because of going to Williamsburg so many times.

  6. Well our family thought maybe you are mounting bird feeders or maybe the beginnings of a deck.


  7. Whitakers wrote: "Kristi says you're adding on to the back deck or you've been to Colonial Williamsburg too many times and you are building your own stocks."

    Hmmm... maybe I'm not so jealous of Karen after all;-}


  8. Sarah -- Of course we do this to keep people wondering! This blog is already dull enough without a little wondering here and there.

    Kristi -- no addition to the back deck at this time, and even though we weren't intending to build stocks, maybe that would be a better use for those posts... hmmm....

    Emily -- no fences here yet, and I don't think I've seen anything like what we're building at Williamsburg, although it could be there, hidden somewhere....

    Victoria -- no bird feeder mounting on these posts. Since we moved to this house and got cats, we thought is was cruel to put a bird feeder in the yard in full sight of two hungry cats....

    Diane -- if we do build stocks, you know your whole family is welcome to come play on them. For that matter, you're welcome to enjoy yourselves with everything we've got on the property (which ain't sayin' much)

  9. when its finished would children enjoy playing on it ?