Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Corn in the backyard 2010, weeks 18, 19, & Harvest!

August 29

September 5

September 7

And finally an almost clear view of our neighbors again. The field to the right was harvested the day after the field behind our house was cleared, so we're back to our "no-privacy-fence" mode until next spring. Early planting was the norm in the spring of this year, and a relatively dry and hot summer means this fall's harvest is progressing much faster than normal. No word yet on how dry the corn is, or how large the yields are, but the fact that so many fields are bare already is a strong indicator that the crop was ready.

Should be interesting to see what we do for entertainment now that the corn is gone....


  1. Our farmers up here are having a dickens of a time because everything is ready so early. The apples are ready.. even the pumpkins are ready. They are afraid that there won't be anything left to pick when it's apple and pumpkin picking time. It has been such an odd spring and summer, hasn't it?

    I hope there will be enough cornstalks, gourds and pumpkins available for me to decorate my house with... sometimes my own immaturity and lack of depth amazes even me. sigh.

  2. I have noticed that on your pictures from weeks 18 & 19, you appear to have taken the photos at different times during the day, and the second one looks as though you are standing farther away. You may want to take note of these inconsistencies and remedy the situation for next year's CITBY thread.
    *cough* (apologies for the randomness of that comment. I am very tired today.)

  3. Diane -- we can't wait to see how you decorate your porch this year. Just think, with an early harvest, you should be able to enjoy it much longer than last year!

    Kathryn -- your perception is amazing. Week 18 was taken at 8:55 and week 19 wasn't taken until 8:58. The location of my stance from one week to the next may have varied a little but no more than 2 inches. HEY! I thought you ignored these posts! What are you doing paying attention to details like that?! Next thing you know, you'll be gushing about mathematics!

  4. Oh, I'm sure you'll find something to make this blog continue it's interesting-ness throughout the fall and winter... :-) Maybe you could give us some more updates on your barn, or perhaps you could could give us some pictures of the decomposition stages of the field. My favorite is when you post the sunrise/sunset pictures... I never seem to have a camera around when I see one that is particularly beautiful. (like the sunrise this morning....)

  5. Mr. Riggenbach - For the most part I do ignore these posts, as the only thing than outdoes them in boringness is your mile-long posts full of data and graphs, but for some odd reason I chose to examine the photos. Occasionally I like to leave a comment on CITBY posts just to make you aware of the fact that I am still alive and would like Lily to post some dress pictures, or some other such interesting item. :-)
    I beg of you to disregard Emil's suggestion of revisiting the Stubble in the Back Yard concept, as last year's attempt had me prostrated on the floor in a faint.

    And no, I can assure that I am 99.99% sure I will NEVER be gushing over mathematics.

  6. Emil -- I thought the sunrise on the 9th was actually more impressive than the one on the 10th. I'm afraid I won't have many sunrise pictures for awhile since the sun is rising now when I'm on the road to work, and I try not to take photos while driving. I'll keep my eyes peeled for sunsets though.

    Kathryn -- thank you for reminding us of your continued existence. I'll see if I can find a dress or two around here to place in a post....