Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Septic System Sampling: The Final Chapter

It is with great joy that we announce the receipt of the postcard pictured above. Even though we only have eight months until we submit another sample, I think the folks at the Health Department have been pretty patient and helpful through our ordeal. We thank the Lord for blessings big and small, and I'm sure everyone downstream is a bit relieved now too.


  1. yay! we used to have a well and went through a similar ordeal... glad you now have the victory!;)

  2. Are congratulations in order, or... how shall we respond to this news? :-)
    Will you have to crawl down into that disgusting hole again come November?

  3. Thanks for rejoicing with us Diane.

    Kathryn, congratulations would be accepted, but we prefer to celebrate by singing the Doxology. Feel free to join us... Another journey into the bowels of the earth is not planned, and should not be necessary provided our maintenance over the next eight months is sufficient.