Sunday, December 21, 2008

Knights and Princesses

Every child likes to dress up. Sometimes simply dressing like your parents enables you to see yourself as a parent some day. Sometimes you dress more extragantly and are carried off in your mind to faraway places in another age. At our house, dressing for a different place and time are more normal than not. Hence, when Lily decided to make gifts for five special children, she picked gifts that would help them imagine themselves in a time and place when ladies dressed femininely and men were protectors.

This is the style of the gowns for the older girls.

Little Hannah received a gown too, but one suited more appropriately for her size.

The boys received these manly knightlike vests.

As evidenced in this photo, everyone was tickled with their present. The older girls loved the fluttery sleeves and couldn't resist waving them like wings. The boys were quick to add their vests to their collection of other knightly trappings. One notable conversation between Grace (7) and Elisabeth (5) went like this:
E: "I want to wear this dress when I get married."
G: "By the time you get married, you'll be too big for this dress."
E: "Well, I hope Lily makes us Christmas presents every year so I can wear that to my wedding."

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