Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Construction update #26

As the weather gets colder and the daylight gets shorter, it's nice to have projects to do inside a building instead of outside, even if the building does not yet have heat.

As you can see, the insulating and wiring have begun in earnest even though I can't seem to spend as much time as I'd like getting those jobs done.

The big news is having all the doors hung and operational. Working in the garage on cold, windy evenings is much more bearable with protection from most of the wind.

The garage looks a little colder with the snow around it this week. You can kinda tell from this angle that a new drift forms around the building on the north and west sides. It hasn't been a big issue yet, but that's something I'll want to deal with when the garage is transformed from a construction zone to a storage spot for vehicles and tools. I wonder if Menards sells snow fence?


  1. Here are some potentially helpful websites:

  2. Thanks anonymous, that should keep me busy for awhile!

  3. One more that has a simple diagram of a floor heat system: