Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gingerbread construction update

While I've been dinking around with a simple garage for months, the girls decided to show me how they can construct complete houses in a matter of days. Gingerbread seems to be their preferred building material, although I'm sure you'll recognize other goodies in the pictures below.

This is where the projects began: carefully measured, cut, and baked pieces of gingerbread.

Careful construction involved lots of frosting and strategically located sewing pins. This is Gretel's Carpenter Gothic House that had us all wondering if Gretel had done something foolish by choosing such a difficult design.

Here's Lily's Adirondack Cabin in the assembly phase using food cans as supports while the walls dried in place. No, there was no Crushed Pineapple involved in the construction, only the can.

A closeup view of a window in Lily's cabin. It's constructed of transparent butterscotch candy with colored frosting defining the window panes.

The finished product includes a porch, and a river rock chimney.

Here's a better shot of the roof shingles (which were a little bit frustrating in their own way).

A view of the rear of the building.

This is how the building would look if you were 3 inches tall.

Closeup of the chimney.

Gretel's Carpenter Gothic finished a day later and includes landscaping of sorts.

This is how one might view Gretel's house if one were 3 inches tall.

Getting all the roof pieces to come together was challenging, but the girls pulled it off without dad's help.

One view of the rear of the house.

Another view of the rear. Plenty of new materials were used in this year's construction; how many food items can you identify? Hint: Gretel's house used 5 different materials, while Lily's used 6.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I think I see some of their mothers creativity coming through!!! It could come from you Kurt, but I don't know you that well, Karen's is obvious!

  2. Nice job ladies!!

    But Kurt, what's a gingerbread house without a cupola?

  3. On behalf of the ladies, thanks for the compliments.

    Mr. Yen, excellent observation about the cupola, I thought they were missing something but I just couldn't put my finger on what it was. Maybe next year we'll try a gambrel-roofed gingerbread house!

  4. Wow, I AM impressed! You put all our gingerbread house building attempts to shame. I love the cabin, Lily - methinks I would like to shrink and move in. :-) Is that sticks of gum for the roof shingles?

  5. I am quite jealous, y'all!! Those gingerbread houses look DELICIOUS! And if they taste anything like those cookies that Lily made...then I can only imagine the joy that y'all will find in consuming them!!! :-D