Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Construction update #24

Encouraging results this week include more windows installed on the second floor and good progress made on the stairs in the back. Note the unfinished treads at the top of the stairs -- intentionally left that way so robbers won't be able to get up to the door!

Here's a little wider and blurrier view of the west side of the building showing the siding almost finished and the soffit and fascia complete.

No barn (or gambrel roofed house for that matter) would be complete without a cupola, and no cupola is complete without a weathervane. We've enjoyed viewing the old weathervane that still sits on top of the old shed, but it's been difficult to see as of late with the new barn in the way. Hence the new weathervane doing superb duty high above the yard. Hmmm, looks like the wind is out of the south southeast.

Finally the view of the entire building. A few more pieces of siding will complete that part of the job and then the final window panes can be mounted without fear of breaking them with the sheets of siding. I showed considerable constraint in not picking up all the loose building materials laying around the yard, recognizing that the siding crew will soon be done and I can tidy up at that time (please pardon the mess).

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