Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Construction update #23

One measure of a man is his ability to know when to ask for help -- and actually ask. I tend to err on the side of knowing I should ask but being too cheap to pay someone that knows what they're doing. This stage of the project seemed like a good time to let someone else stand on a platform fifteen feet off the ground while straining to work over their head. So we've hired a carpenter friend and his crew to put the fibercement siding on the walls and install the soffit and fascia.

With the scaffold up at the level of the second floor it was convenient for Gene to install windows before the siding went on. Here's a view of the east side of the building already covered to the peak with the soffit falling into place in an orderly fashion.

I wanted to get a shot of the end of the overhang so we could appreciate the artful craftmanship involved in getting all the angles to come together in a tidy way (at least I think it will be tidy in the end). And no, I was not involved in this work, so I am not boasting.

Here's the view from the house roof so you can appreciate the height of the scaffold and the beauty of plain siding as opposed to having manufacturer's logos plastered high and low. It is nice to see measurable progress, but I know I'll be wishing I'd done it myself when I see the bill!

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