Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mystery in the Backyard, Update #2

In case you can't tell, the latest project in the backyard is a teeter totter. The official maiden voyage of this new toy was actually Sep 17 when a neighbor family joined us for dinner and an evening of teetering. Since then, the main beam was subjected to some weatherproofing and we added another level to the pivot.

This evening, more friends came over to help test this latest version. Here's Arrow and Anchor taming the beast while their siblings wait patiently.

The design is not yet complete, but still available for testing. Do I have any volunteers?


  1. My goodness... that is one right fine looking teeter totter! (and a right fine group of kiddos as well☺) I must admit that the thought of see-saws never came to my mind when I was trying to figure out what you were making.

    And to set your mind at ease, Noah has most valiantly offered his professional-playground-equipment-testing services. Free of charge.
    Yes indeedy, he's very selfless that way.

  2. Diane -- We're looking forward to Noah's assistance with the teeter totter testing. Tell him thanks for being selfless.

  3. Finally, the mystery is solved! Looks like lots of fun.


  4. Looks great, Mr. Riggenbach! It looks like you had make another set of holes higher up... was there not enough "tottering" at the lower level?

  5. Victoria -- you're welcome to come try it yourself....

    Tara -- you've got a sharp eye! Yes, we made the pivot adjustable (and plan to add more levels) so big kids can have fun, and little kids won't get scared. In the photo, the high end of the board is about 5 feet off the ground, but Gretel would like to try it 6 feet high! I think we may need to brace the support posts a bit more if we go that high, but eventually we hope to get there.