Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Construction update #22

It's been over a week since we reported on the progress on the garage construction, but it shouldn't be hard to document the changes since work days have been sporadic and most of the changes are subtle.

The most obvious change that I worked on was the cupola. On November 1 I spent most of the day on the roof flashing and cladding the cupola curb and then assembling the cupola on the curb. The picture above is kinda dark because the daylight was fading fast as I was completing the cupola construction.

This photo was taken two days later when I finally was able to climb to the roof of the house when there was enough sunlight to take a photo. If I do say so myself, I think the cupola is pretty cute (and much cheaper than all the others we looked at, but that's a story for another day).

In conjunction with the garage construction we are moving the electric meter from a pole in the yard to the side of the house. My friend Bud happens to be an electrician so I was happy to ask for his help in dealing with the relocation of the main service to the house. In the process our wires from the utility will now run underground instead of through the middle of one of our trees, and the service will be upgraded from inadequately sized to appropriately sized. In the photo you can see the new meter base and two disconnect switches mounted to the side of the house. The one on the left will serve the new garage, and the one on the right will serve the house. Bud has the house temporarily wired with the big black wires looped across the hole while we wait for Corn Belt Energy to fit us into their schedule.

Here's a look down into the hole I dug under where our sidewalk used to be. The square box is a junction Bud had to add to connect the old conduit underground to the new conduit running to the disconnect. The grounding rod next to the box is something the house has never had, but something we are now grateful for.

It's a little hard to see all the flags in this shot since we have quite a collection of corn husks in the yard, but the tall wooden markers designate the route Corn Belt intends to take through the yard, while the small white flags mark the route of the septic tank outlet tube running perpendicular to the electrical wire route.

Meanwhile, back at the garage, Gene installed the windows on the first floor, and poured some footings for the stairway and landing on the west side of the building.

Finally a shot taken at the end of the day on November 5th. You can see the side door has been added although we don't yet have the lockset installed. Thanks for visiting (and patiently waiting).

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  1. Looking great Kurt. That is one great looking cupola!

    Can't wait to see it with the siding up.