Friday, October 3, 2008

A new bedroom for the cats

Ever since Hurricane Ike rolled through, the old shed has been pretty damp and miserable -- certainly no place for a cat to call home. At least that's what all the females in the house decided. So the cat food and litter box have moved into the garage, and the cats now sleep there also. This post presents photographic evidence that the cats prefer to sleep on the riding mower.

Lily couldn't resist a few photos of the cats snuggled together. They seemed to be unphased by the flash of the camera.

Same occasion, different angle. I think Lily likes this photo because it reminds her of the way she and Gretel share a bed... only one of the cats should be yelling at the others...

This was an afternoon nap when Mr. Tilney claimed the plush seat, while Mr. Knightley chose the "treat box."

Not only have the cats found a nice supply of mice to play with lately, but here Mr. Knightley demonstrates that cats can have fun killing spiders as well. Good kitty!

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