Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What a difference a year makes

A year ago, on March 24, I completed our lawn's first mowing of the season and felt like summer had arrived early.  This year, on March 24, we received 8 inches of snow.  I'm confident summer has not arrived yet.

This photo was taken after two days of melting and it should be obvious that the grass is a long way from its first cutting this season.  In fact, the grass is looking as dormant as it was in January.

On the bright side, the spring yard work looks like it can wait for a few more days.


  1. That is crazy!!! I can't believe how late it is snowing! We have already seen 90 degree days!

    I hope y'all are staying warm! ;o)

  2. Wahoo! A new post from Brother Kurt!

    Eagarly anticipating the corn measurements :-)

    Misty, the mom of many of your faithful readers

  3. Thanks for the warm thoughts, Heather!

    It looks like it may be a while before we start measuring crops, Misty, so we'll see if we can't find some other dull thing to report in the meantime.

  4. Glad to see you posting again. We've had cold weather here too - at least cold for this area. It is supposed to warm up today, and we're looking forward to that. Hope the snow blows out of your area soon.