Saturday, March 24, 2012

First mowing of the year

Exceptionally warm weather over most of the last two weeks has convinced all our plants that spring (or summer) arrived early.  One could even argue that our unseasonably warm weather goes all the way back to last November.  Last spring, the mower didn't see use until April 20.  This year, the grass was unruly four weeks earlier, and it looks much better now that we've taken dominion over it once again.  Visiting every inch of the yard is also a good way to remind oneself of all the yard projects that are now available for tackling after being conveniently ignored all winter.  Ready or not, the mowing season has begun!


  1. It could be worse, we've been mowing for several weeks down south. Our winter was short too, but I welcome having Spring earlier than usual. Happy mowing!


  2. It looks beautiful Kurt! We are looking forward to many DIY posts in the near future! :)
    The Whitakers :)

  3. Victoria, I'm thankful for every day in February that we don't have to mow.

    Whitakers, thanks for the compliment. It looks like the outdoor work is unavoidable at this point!