Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good news, bad news

The good news is... Karen's engagement ring and wedding band are welded together so they are easy to remove and keep track of.

The bad news is... they get dirty when she wears them while washing dishes.

The good news is... they come off easily so they stay clean longer.

The bad news is... they sometimes get misplaced.

The good news is... they are usually on the windowsill by the kitchen sink.

The bad news is... they weren't there this time.

The good news is... she put the rings in her pocket.

The bad news is... they fell out of her pocket.

The good news is... our friends found the rings in their driveway.

The bad news is... the diamond was missing from the engagement ring.

The good news is... we found the diamond in the same driveway.

The bad news is... it's not Karen's diamond.

The good news is... it's bigger and better than Karen's old diamond.

The bad news is... it won't fit in the engagement ring setting.

The good news is... my cousin married a jeweler and he has a shop only four miles from our home.

Okay, the part about the bigger diamond isn't true. The good news is, the rings are back, Karen's diamond is back, and I'm confident my cousin's husband can put them back together again. A happy ending after all!


  1. Whew!! That's gotta be a relief!!!

  2. Whew! I used to never take my rings off until- after a lonnng day of heavy cleaning and scrubbing- I found the beautiful rose sapphire in my engagement ring was gone:-{ And it was lonnng gone too. I'm so glad Karen had a happier ending to her story!♥

  3. LOL! I was reading and thinking to myself, which of your friends has loose diamonds thrown about in their driveway! :) Might we meet them and come over for dinner? :)
    p.s. Congratulations on finding everything. I'm sure it was somewhat stressful for awhile!

  4. I'm so glad your wife found her ring and diamond.
    Many years ago I had to take my rings to a jeweler as main the stone was coming loose. While he had the rings, he was in a motorcycle accident which affected his memory. When the I got the rings back, the main diamond was bigger than what had been there. My husband noticed it too. We talked with the jeweler but he said he was sure he put the right one back. His wife later told us that because of his memory problems he had confused many of the diamonds he had been working with, and they weren't sure who owned what! It never was straightenend out, and I still have the larger diamond. I always wondered who ended up with my smaller one.



  5. Emil -- it is, and humbling that God would show us where all the pieces are

    Diane -- I'm sorry you lost your stone. Did you replace it?

    Whitakers -- you never know what you'll find if you snoop around some people's driveways...

    Victoria -- your story is proof positive that fact is stranger than fiction!

  6. Mr. Riggenbach, perhaps this would be an appropriate future anniversary gift? A window sill sounds sooo precarious... especially with the greedy, wide open maw of the garbage disposal looming directly below (I might be embellishing a little here).

    I'm glad you had a happy ending to your story!

  7. Laura -- you're preachin' to the choir on this one...