Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Construction update #34

The weather forecast indicated that today may be the last good day for outside work for awhile, so I took the afternoon off work and crossed a few projects off my list. One project that didn't get finished, but saw some progress today, was the trim on the barn.

We're adding white cement board trim around the doors and windows and on the outside corners. Even though all the trim is not finished, everything visible from this angle is complete (minus caulk in nail holes and joints). The car doors are almost ready for judging, but not quite. Stay tuned, as I'll need everyone's help in making the door decision in the near future. Thanks for visiting!


  1. That is a very fine looking barn... but not quite as fine looking as my porch will be in just a few more hours. It's cornstalk day! Woohoo! Can you bear the anticipation?

  2. I can hardly bear it, although you may have to paint your porch red to be quite as fine looking as our barn.