Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reformation Day Faire

Even though our Reformation Day celebration comes a week before the official anniversary this year, we celebrated with gusto again this year with over 400 participants.

I know this is last year's image, but the sign really hasn't changed, so the only difference might be the number of leaves on the ground.

One new feature this year was the temporary wall we built around the entrance to the church building. I think it would have been even better with sentries and archers behind the battlement. The knight with the cell phone in the doorway kinda spoils the effect in this shot. For that matter, this may be the only castle you'll see with handicapped parking so close to the door.

Charlie Zahm provided musical inspiration on Friday and Saturday. You can find Mr. Zahm in several videos on YouTube that demonstrate how powerful his voice is.

On to the Town Square on Saturday where the chessboards stayed busy with impromptu matches. Here, two generations of Degenharts take on the world. Rumor has it the elder Degenhart simply used the chess matches as a diversion while he stole his opponents' money bags from under the table.

Prince John, aka King Castle, demonstrates the time honored skill of candlemaking over a Coleman camping stove. John's costume was so impressive one naturally addressed him as "your majesty."

Not to be outdone, Princess Grace knights Sir Emil before the Battle of the Boffers. No, Sir Emil was not allowed to use that sword during the boffer war, and yes, he does have an earbud and microphone on his left ear (presumably so his comrades can warn him of a surprise attack behind him).

The checkerboards were just as busy as the chessboards as the young men sought to sharpen each other's critical thinking skills.

Never one to miss an opportunity to pick up some pocket change playing for tips, our lonely piper was back again this year. Unfortunately he was unable to bring the junior corps along, contrary to my expectations.

Karen appears to be delighted about something as she readys herself for her next customer at her wheat weaving booth.

Lily and I trying to stay in our "happy places" while we thread needles and tie knots at Bag End, our felt bag making booth.

Princess Elisabeth showing me her best courtesy. One is humbled to receive such an honor.

Gretel reluctantly modeling her new gown that Lily created for her. I say "reluctantly" because there were at least three people in the sanctuary that may have been watching while we took this photo. Sometimes a dad just has to be firm.

I'll close with this image of Sir David and Lady Annette from the kingdom of Bull Valley.

My photos are not representative of the entire celebration as we had several lectures by Douglas Bond, Marcus Serven, and James McDonald that composed the real meat of the weekend. You can purchase audio of the weekend at Resounding Voice, and watch videos on YouTube courtesy of Douglas Bond and others.


  1. Why of course Karen is delighted with her delightful attire! And Lily and Gretel look lovely as well...You ladies do have the prettiest things:)

  2. It was such fun to see you all! I am quite envious of Gretel's new gown...
    Thanks for everything you all did to make the event a success! And I must say your mustache was decidedly smashing.

  3. lol, well, I always wanted to be knighted :D (even if that was only for pictures ;-)

  4. The girls say, "Aww, you're too kind, Diane."

    It was great to see your family again, Kathryn. I'm sorry we didn't coordinate accommodations so you all could have stayed with us. We'll have to plan that for a more quiet weekend. And thank you for the mustache compliment.

    Emil -- I thought it was fortuitous that Grace didn't slice your neck with that weapon!

  5. The costumes were wonderful. It looked like everyone had a great time. Thanks for posting this.


  6. So, how's things at the casa de Riggenbach these days? I miss hearing about your doings!

    Oh, and in the really-none-of-my-business-category are you folks thinking of attending the Sufficiency of Scripture Conference in Dec by any chance? I am praying about attending... thought it might just be something you guys might attend as well. If so it might be fun to meet up:)

  7. I was hoping to post while on our trip, but didn't have free internet for the first five days, and we were simply too busy having fun the last five days. Sorry to keep you waiting.

    The Sufficiency of Scripture conference looks like a long shot since I've only got one vacation day left. If something works out at the last minute, we'll try to post a warning on the blog since we would enjoy seeing you too!