Monday, April 27, 2009

Construction update #30

We'll start this update of the barn construction with a picture of my handy gutter carrier, aka the minivan.

Even though I thought I would miss the pickup truck, the van probably made this job of carrying gutters easier than it would have been with the truck. My conclusion: if you want to do serious hauling, get a minivan.

Gretel was my gutter-hanging assistant and photographer through most of the project, and she proved just as handy as the minivan. Here she's caught me working on the first section of gutter on the south side of the barn.

Those hanger brackets with the screws attached are awful handy. I definitely recommend them, but would encourage you to shop around since your local discount lumberyard may gouge you compared to what they cost on the internet.

Gretel told me I look like a dwarf in this photo. I take exception; I think I look like a hobbit.

Finishing the first piece and getting ready to join it to the next one.

On to the north side where we're also halfway done and ready to climb the ladders with the last piece of gutter.

A minor adjustment to the east end.

I'd prefer to let the downspouts simply dump on the ground, but since that didn't work well on either side of the barn, we installed these underground pipes to direct the water to more managable locations.

Here's the north side, done until we do more earthmoving and landscaping. It even seems to work so far!

And last but not least the view from the roof of the house. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. very impressive... i hate to admit it but my own gutters are in desperately terrible shape. they need to be cleaned out- i actually noticed some little sprouts were growing in them, yipes!

    your new gutters look very clean;)