Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Conquering the electric panel

The electric panel (aka breaker box) in our house has been an eyesore and a liability since the day we moved in. Many of the circuit breakers were tandems, and the grounding screws all held two if not three wires, resulting in a box that was so stuffed with wires that one could not fasten the cover to the box. Time for another call to my friend Bud.

Here's Bud just after he's removed the old panel and has a mess of wires to try to organize. Meanwhile, Bud's lights are running off his generator, and Karen and the girls are trying to survive without electricity. You can see a small unpainted spot on the wall where the old box used to be.
What a difference a little space makes. The new panel has many more breaker spaces than the old box had, and Bud has shown his skill at taking dominion over copper wires.

Lastly, the new panel with cover in place. No more tandem breakers; plenty of room to work with wires inside the panel; and even a few empty spaces where breakers could be added in the future!


  1. Well now, isn't that a thing of beauty... that Bud is quite the artiste isn't he?

    I think Bud needs to pay a visit to my house. I still have the kind of circuit box with the old glass things that you screw in... and they're labeled with little scraps of masking tape and little arrows going this way and that. Yeeks. I try to avoid even thinking about the thing. In fact I'm going to have to go and get myself a cup of pumpkin spice latte right now to help me recover from the ordeal of thinking and writing about it this morning. So thanks. For the pumpkin latte:-} Yumm.

  2. OK... I'm back. This is so funny... the other day when I clicked on the link to your blog, it brought me directly to this post, so I thought it was your newest article. Weird, huh? It took me a few days of clicking, and clicking and reclicking to find this article again. I thought I had gone a bit loopy (or maybe I should say a bit loopier than usual. yeah)

    Still haven't figured out that whole link thing though....