Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Relaxing at Big Cedar

No corn or garage photos for the next few days as we relax at Big Cedar Wilderness Club on Table Rock Lake in SW Missouri. This resort is a favorite of ours for its distinctive architecture and decor, and there are plenty of things to do outside or in.
One favorite thing to do is enjoy coffee on the deck overlooking the lake valley.

This shot gives you a little better look at the 2-bedroom cabin we are staying in. Kinda makes you want to live in a log cabin all the time.

There are all kinds of cool details around the cabin and resort like the 3-dimensional accents on this wall light.

This is the view from the deck. There are too many leaves on the trees to see the lake from our deck, but its still pretty pleasant.

The fireplace in our living room, complete with stuffed deer head. We probably wouldn't decorate with so many dead animals, but while we're here we can pretend we're Gaston!

The front of the cabin is not as charming, but you can't beat the convenience of the parking.

This is the view from the Worman House Restaurant on the property. The marina on Table Rock Lake is in the near distance.

Another cool detail outside the Worman House Restaurant. The building had been built by a wealthy lumber baron (?) on 300 secluded acres before WWII as a private vacation spot. I think it would take a pretty big budget to produce the same thing today.

Beautiful metal work around the windows on the Worman House.

Here's the front entrance to the building, which I think was actually one of the secondary buildings on the property at the time it was built.

This used to be the carriage house, and has been converted to a coffee shop/restaurant.

Finally, the west side of the Worman House. Maybe our next house should be something like this....

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  1. WHAT FUN!!!! I sure miss y'all!!!! *cry*

    Love, Jessica