Saturday, October 4, 2008


That silver machine in the middle of the picture is Farmer Wagenbach driving his combine into the cornfield on Friday afternoon. We've seen other farmers getting harvest into full swing in the last few days, so it was not surprising to see the corn next to us getting attention.

Here the tractor has turned north, and appears to be swimming in the corn.

The view from our driveway shows the field just beginning to be opened up.

The combine empties its booty into the wagon for the quick three-mile drive to the grain elevator. After about an hour they had not harvested much more than you see evidence of in this photo, so apparently the corn tested too moist at the elevator, and they decided to wait a few days to harvest the rest.

On Saturday our neighbors to the south joined the fun by spending a few hours clearing out the soybean field just down the road. We'll keep the camera handy for pictures of the rest of the harvest, and the removal of the privacy fence we've enjoyed all summer.

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