Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Decorating with dead animals

I commented yesterday on the dead animals decorating the cabin we're staying in, but until I looked around, I didn't realize how many there were. We won't count the animal silhouettes on the light switches, or the animal art that decorates the lamps and picture frames. Shown below is the veritable dead zoo that we live with (it's really not as creepy as that sounds).

This raccoon looks over the living and dining rooms from his perch above the kitchen cabinets.

This deer is directly over your head when you enter the front door.

This pheasant has taken up roost on top of the cabinet over the refrigerator.

This set of antlers is mounted to the wall in the living room.

Here's the chandelier over the dining table... sing along with me, "...I use antlers in all of my decorating!"

A collection of three fish over the door to the deck. Is it cruel to mount them with the weapon that brought their demise?

The second deer; this one mounted over the fireplace.

A lovely arrangement of antlers, fish, and tool of capture artfully placed above the bed in the master bedroom.

Finally, the antler end door and drawer pulls. I'm pretty sure these are mass produced replicas, but there are 31 of them throughout the cabin.

Again, probably not how we would decorate at home, but it definitely sets a theme around the cabin.

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