Sunday, October 19, 2008

Construction update #19

When we arrived home on Friday afternoon we found noticeable progress on the garage. Gene enlisted the help of a couple of carpenters for a couple days when it wasn't raining, and the photos below document their progress.
The steep sections of the roof line received their rafters and an overhang was added around the perimeter of the roof. The little triangular extension at the peak would hold a block and tackle on a real barn, and would be used to raise bales into the loft. On our barn it simply looks cool. Does anyone know what that triangular feature is called?

I'm told this small section of roof along the sides is what makes this roof a Dutch gambrel instead of simply a gambrel.

This is the cupola curb from the inside of the building. I think it looks substantial. Hopefully it will provide adequate ventilation to the attic.

Here's a view from just off the driveway. Most of the roof has been covered in felt paper in preparation for shingles later this week (?)

Finally, the view from the house roof. Plenty left to do, but it could pass for a vehicle shelter at this point.


  1. The extension might possibly be called a "crow's beak". Or at least that's what someone called it:
    (scroll down about halfway)

  2. I spent a good bit of time on the website before we settled on our design. I have to give them credit for showing me how to make a gambrel roof look attractively balanced. Maybe someday I'll share that secret. Until then, you'll just have to pour over the pages like I did...