Friday, October 10, 2008

Construction update #17

We have a rather lengthy construction update today since we have quite a few days to cover...
Since I don't have any images of the work in progress on Wednesday, we'll begin with how the building looked at the end of the day. You'll notice the second floor walls are now complete, and there is a pile of trusses in the driveway.

Here's a closer shot of the trusses. They actually arrived on Tuesday, but Gene didn't have a lot of time to work on the project on that day. Evidently someone was sorting through the pile before this picture was taken.

Here's one of the 18' trusses for the middle section.

On Thursday, the guys moved the trusses up to the second floor and created quite a crowded workspace in the process.

Another shot of the mess with a view to the doubled beam over the dormer section. Several joist hangers have been added to the beam in preparation for the trusses designed for this section.

So at the end of the day Thursday more OSB had been added to the outside of the building, and the driveway is free of lumber once again.

The big progress on Friday was the setting of the trusses. All of them are in place, and the guys still had time to wrap part of the building with "Gorilla Wrap."

Here's a close-up of the way the trusses fit into the beam in the middle section.

This picture was taken from just above the end truss on the east end, evidenced by the top of the truss peak in the bottom of the photo. It appears to be a long way down!

Here's a view toward the north from the same location. At times the building has seemed to tower over the house, but it especially feels that way from up here.

Sam humored me by posing next to his project after a hard day of setting trusses. I think I see a bit of pride in his expression.

I like this shot mainly for the candid subjects in the photo. You can also get another perspective on the way the trusses are laid out.

Sam hopping off the partially-depleted pile of OSB in the middle of the second floor. Notice the lack of clutter in the room now that the trusses are set in place.

We won't be getting views like this once the building is finished, but it sure is impressive now. This is the approximate perspective from the future cupola, from which you can see quite a bit looking northwest.

The view from the ground looking back to the southeast. The general shape of the building is a bit easier to visual now, although a few more roof members would go a long way toward making the shape complete.

My last image shows my good sport Gretel doing her best "Gorilla Wrap" imitation. She's the only one in the family that agrees to do the goofy things Dad requests of her, and I appreciate it.

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