Friday, September 26, 2008

Fishin' in the front yard

It wasn't Hurricane Ike that caused us to go fishing in the front yard, but rather the County Health Department. Because we are the proud owners of a surface discharge septic system, we get to fish in the sample port at least once a year.
Here's my "fishin' pole" fashioned from 1/2" electrical conduit, the bottom of a plastic bottle, and some 12 gauge copper wire (with insulation). This is not an original design, as the septic inspector had something similar when she came out last year. The reservoir can pivot at two places, so it's easier to collect the sample, and pour it into another container.

The fishin' hole.

It's seven feet to the water level in the hole, so it takes good eyes or a light touch to get a nice skim off the top. A flashlight can be helpful too.

That one looks like a keeper! Actually, they were all tossed back (on the ground) when these pictures were taken since I was testing the new pole and skimming off the extra floaties. Don't be too disgusted. Although there could be some bad bacteria that make their way through to the sample port, the water is intended to be clean enough to discharge at this spot.

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