Saturday, May 31, 2014

Corn in the backyard, 2014 -- weeks 2 and 3

May 18

There was little change in the corn field during the second week as cold temperatures moved in on Tuesday and stayed through Saturday, resulting in only an inch and a half of stalk growth.  This plant was pretty typical of most and stood 4.5" tall on Sunday.

May 25

The plants sprouted more leaves and grew 3.5 inches during the third week as we had almost thirty percent more growing degree days than normal.  Rainfall has been falling behind the normal trend, although the the corn doesn't seem to be suffering yet.


  1. Wish I could send you all some of the torrential rains we have had this week to help that corn.


  2. Thanks for the offer, Victoria, but we've been blessed with good rainfall over the past week. Not torrential, but good soaking rain nonetheless.