Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Corn in the backyard 2011, week 8

 July 10

Height = 90 inches
Last week's growing degree days = 186
Historical average growing degree days = 174

Growing degree days since planting = 1255
Historical average since planting = 1152

The conditions must have been right for growth this week, as the corn went through an "adolescent-like" growth spurt in more ways than one!  Our "measuring stalk" gained 26 inches, the tassels finally appeared, and the silks made their appearance as well.  Farmer Wagenbach informed us that the variety in the field this year reaches its mid pollination point at 1292 growing degree days, which will be reached this week.

On Sunday about half of the stalks had tassels showing, but by today all the tassels appear to be out and spread.

The silks were noticeable on most of the stalks, and the ears are developing quickly.  A week ago, I didn't notice any silks.  This week, they're noticeable both visually and olfactorily.  At least I think it's the silks I smell; maybe the pollen gives the plant its distinctive odor.  If anyone knows, please educate me in the comments section.

For those keeping score, the 90 inch stalk height this week ties the height of the 2009 corn in its eighth week.  Thanks for visiting!

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