Thursday, December 16, 2010

Google map challenge

Google Maps recently updated the image of our neighborhood as you can see below (image courtesy of Google Maps, copyright 2010, of course). A few things grabbed my attention as I looked at the image, such that I began to wonder if I could pinpoint the day the photo was taken. Can you?

Maybe you'll notice something I didn't, but there should be enough information in the photo and in previous blog posts to narrow the date range considerably. Leave your best guess in the comments area, and if you're familiar with our neighborhood, feel free to look for clues at the neighbor's houses also. Thanks for the help!


  1. I am wondering if the date could be September 27, 2010. Just a guess based on the blog entries I have looked at. ERIKA

  2. Its sometime after the teeter totter but before the rock pathway...Hmmm

  3. Figuring this out is waaaayyy beyond me. I keep coming back to see if anyone else has though. My curiosity has been piqued... I actually went to look at my own google image and tried to figure out when it was photographed. See what noble quests you spur your readers to complete?

  4. Erika, I think you're pretty close, although maybe a bit early.

    Anonymous, those were the two landmarks that jumped out at me also. I think I'll need to find more subtle clues to narrow the range further.

    Diane, I'm curious to know if your image is recent also. I think the image of our friends' house in NE PA is less than a year old.