Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Corn in the backyard, 2014 -- week 9

July 6

The change in corn crop in the last seven days is the most dramatic we've seen in one week all year, and will probably constitute the most significant changes until harvest.  Not only are the stalks 20 inches taller than last week, they are taller than we've ever measured in the first week in July, and the tallest we've ever measured in the ninth week!  "Knee high by the fourth of July" may be a relevant measure in some parts of the world, but "9 feet high by the fourth of July" fits better here this year.  The most significant changes, however, are the appearance of the tassels at the top of the stalks, and the ears emerging from the middle of the plants.  Since harvesting the kernels from the ears is the only reason these plants are grown, nothing else matters as much as what the ears finally yield.

Although the weather has been cooler than average over the seven days leading up to July 6, I'm told that is preferable to hot weather during pollination.  I'm sure Farmer Wagenbach is grateful for such a healthy crop so far this year, and we'll continue to document the progress right here.


  1. That corn has really 'popped' this year. Hope his crop turns out to be a great success.


  2. Thanks, Victoria. We try not to count the kernels until the corn is harvested, but it looks promising right now!