Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beans in the backyard 2012, week 15

 August 12

The stalks appear to have topped out at 45 inches, or the same height they were last week.  No new trifoliolates this week either, which may be normal if the plant is directly most of its nutrients into adding mass to the seeds.  The seed development in the pods at the upper nodes is coming along nicely so I think we can confidently say the plant is at V19 and R5 stages.

This shot gives you a better view of the nice pod and seed development all along the stalk.  Our only rain this week was a 0.15" shower on Wednesday, but we're still thankful for any little bit that falls this summer.  Rain and moderate temperatures will help add seed mass at this stage, so we'll continue to seek God's mercy on behalf of Farmer Wagenbach's beans.

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