Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good news, bad news, part 2

The good news is... since Karen sews most of her clothing she can add pockets wherever she wants.

The bad news is... sometimes things fall out her pockets.

The good news is... it's usually facial tissue that falls out of her pockets.

The bad news is... this time it was her wedding band and engagement ring.

The good news is... she could narrow the loss to a 4-hour window of time.

The bad news is... she was in several locations during those 4 hours.

The good news is... all those locations were on our property.

The bad news is... searching all those places involved moving a good bit of stuff in the basement; searching the couch to the point of removing the dust cover on the bottom, examining the interior of the couch, and stapling the cover back on; and combing through about 80 feet of grass in the front yard.

The good news is... we enjoy a good hunt for lost treasure.

The bad news is... this hunt lasted eight weeks.

The good news is... we felt confident we could eliminate some of the possibilities.

The bad news is... the yard still has a lot of places where a ring might hide.

The good news is... we had good success using a flashlight last time.

The bad news is... the flashlight did not reveal the ring.

The good news is... one of my friends has a metal detector.

The bad news is... the metal detector didn't seem to work.

The good news is... a fresh set of batteries brought the tool back to life.

The bad news is... the metal detector found a lot of metallic things in our yard.

The good news is... one of those metallic things was Karen's ring.

Here's my assistant, Gretel, holding the most valuable thing we found that evening.

After being run over with the lawn mower at least eight times, the ring is no worse for wear and safely back on Karen's finger... for now.


  1. A great story - good job treasure hunters!

  2. Silly woman! Next time don't take the ring off. Not even when you stop by Peoria to punch me in the neck for calling you "silly." ;-P

    Even though I'm not married, I can't imagine there being many things more precious than a wedding ring and what that ring represents. I am very much rejoicing for you and Karen that the ring was recovered. Praise God!

  3. Okay... I'm glad you found the ring and all but seriously...

    Could Gretel be any more stinkin' adorable?? I think not. That dress is adorable, the little straw hat is adorable. The smile? Also adorable. Nuff said.

    In other news, I'm wondering where you girls obtain your little straw chapeaux? I'd really like one for myself, but want something small and close such as you girls wear... I've been unsuccessful thus far. (please don't say you make them yourselves, please don't say you make them yourselves, please...)

  4. We are sooo happy you found your ring Karen! Ok but seriously, I have to agree that Gretel's dress is beautiful! You all don't just sew you create works of art!:) Take care!

  5. I'm so glad this story has a happy ending. Poor Karen. I'm sure she was quite upset about the disappearance of her rings.


  6. OK Jeremy! I'll admit to being silly... sometimes. The issue with the ring is that I take it off to do dishes (so I won't bend the prongs and have the stone fall out [there are only four, since it is an emerald cut as opposed to the usual six that traditionally cut stones have]) AND I have to take it off when I exercise because my fingers swell and it gets QUITE uncomfortable.

    Diane - you will be relieved to know we did NOT make the hats! Instead we bought one from a place that no longer sells them, and the one Gretel is wearing came from an "antique" (more of a junk) store. She added the flowers this week to go with the dress she made. :-)

    Whitakers & Diane - you say some pretty nice things! Thanks I'll make sure Gretel sees your comment, as she was the sempstress of the dress! (And she thinks so can't sew!!!)

    Karen (the Mrs.)

  7. So glad you found your ring! I thought I lost mine once and it killed me until I found it.

    Gretel is absolutely adorable!