Sunday, May 22, 2011

The most popular posts on this blog

I like the "Stats" feature on Blogger. I've been observing traffic on this blog with Sitemeter from the beginning, but since Blogger added the stats feature I have a bit more insight than I get with the free version of Sitemeter. One item I find interesting is which posts are the most popular. Far and away the most popular is my two-year old post on gutter hanger testing. Since we get quite a few visits from Google searches, I thought it would be interesting to see what sites Google recommends for gutter hanger testing.

Look at that! The only pages recommended higher are gutter supply retailers that paid to be at the top of the list. That post may be #1 on our blog for all time, but it's only the fourth most popular in the last month, #9 for the last week, and hasn't been visited at all for the last day.

Currently number two on the all-time list, is last year's post about my visit to the Freeport McMoran Morenci Copper Mine, which doesn't do as well on Google (#6 when I did the search shown above behind three hits on the company's website), but does show up on the first page. The copper mine post has been the most popular for the past month, third for the past week, and is tied for first for the last 24 hours. Since it's only been available half as long as the gutter hanger post, it could gain on the #1 spot given more time.

The competition for the number two spot is pretty intense, with my post on Colonial Williamsburg's buildings vying with the August 2009 corn growth chart, and Karen and Lily's account of part 4 of their trip to England all of which are giving Freeport McMoRan a run for their money. If you're really desperate for entertainment, try a Google search for "corn growth chart," or "Williamsburg in the fall."

Remember, you can push your favorite post to the top of the list by visiting that post frequently! Imagine the fun you'll have!


  1. So, how are Karen and Lily dealing with losing to gutter hanger testing and copper mining?

  2. Jeremy -- I think they're feigning disinterest.

  3. It is a sign that you need to make another trip to AZ to visit the mine.


  4. I can't believe the corn posts aren't at the top of the list. Folks just don't know what they're missing. :)
    I did love the posts about the girls trip to England. The pictures were wonderful and gave us a taste of parts of England that you don't normally hear much about.


  5. Heather -- rumor has it our opportunities could be limited!

    Victoria -- I figure the corn posts don't rank very high because there are so many of them that the visits get diluted. You could push one of the posts to the top of the list by visiting it several times each day...not that we encourage data manipulation like that.