Monday, April 26, 2010

Images from the road

We're on the road again for our annual spring adventure. We've collected a few more states for the girls' "states-we've-visited" list, and our photos this week should be a bit different than last year's images.

Our first night stop was a Holiday Inn Express in the middle of Missouri, and I was tickled to start the next day with "dangerously high intellect." Don't worry, we did proceed with caution.

Our next night's stop was outside Oklahoma City at the home of our good friends, the Bowers family. All the kids have grown so much since we last saw them, and it was a pleasure to experience each of their blossoming personalities. Our time with Eric and Erika was a blast as always, and in many ways it feels like it was only yesterday when we talked with them last (maybe telephones, email, and Facebook help in that respect).

Anyone traveling west on I-40 through Texas is inundated by dozens of these signs, which caused us to ponder, "How many of our friends require more than 72 ounces of steak to feed the whole family?" As much as I would like to see how big a 72 oz steak is, I don't think I'd enjoy watching a single person trying to consume that thing. Is it a sin to tempt someone to gluttony?

Finally, our view from our deck at our destination for the week. Those are the San Francisco Peaks, and Humphreys Peak is hidden out of view behind this one. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Looks like you are off to a wonderful start! Being the extreme homebody that I am, I always enjoy your travel posts. They let me "visit" other places without having to actually drive!

    Have fun!

  2. Thanks, Diane. Stay tuned for more rocks and sunshine...

  3. Ah yes, the famous Big Texan in Amarillo. Been there, tried that. Take my word for it, 72oz is a LOT of steak. Plus you have to finish a salad, dinner roll, and baked potato too in under an hour.

  4. Mr. Yen -- I'm hoping you were a lot younger when you attempted that feat, and I should have guessed that they included the word "dinner" in the challenge for a reason.