Thursday, July 2, 2009

More meteorological marvels

Even though I appreciate cool weather, the summer can't be beat for impressive cloud formations. These images are over a month old, but we were awed enough one evening to break out the camera and record some of the marvels of God's created order.

When we see towering clouds like this it usually means someone underneath those clouds is experiencing a pretty powerful thunderstorm.

The filtering of the sun's rays in this shot make you feel like the sun is sitting right on top of the clouds and angels are ready to come running down those sunbeams. Thanks for visiting!


  1. If Pennsylvania was a woman, she would wear the tiara and first-place sash for most beautiful of the States. Yet, even Pennsylvania feels a little jealous of Illinois for her skies. Shh! Please don't tell Illinois. ; -)

    Illinois does not captivate my heart like Pennsylvania does, but I've really come to love the skies here. Unless I get married and settle here, I will eventually go back to Pennsylvania. If that day comes, there will be few things that I'll miss as much as the Illinois sky. Its vastness has given me a greater sense of just how small and insignificant I am in comparison to God.

    By the way, I especially liked the picture in which the sun's beams are streaming through the clouds.

  2. The clouds have been particularly beautiful in my part of the world lately too. I love it when the sunlight filters down like that♥