Saturday, March 7, 2009

Square Root Day

In case you didn't notice, last Tuesday was Square Root Day. You'll probably not see a special designation on your calendar, but as the third day of the third month of the year 09 we thought we better celebrate this one since the next Square Root Day doesn't come around for another seven years! The extent of our celebrating was limited to our supper meal which is described below.

Our main course was Square Root Soup which was comprised of a creamy base and "root vegetables" (carrots, potatoes and onions) cut into square pieces. I apologize that the picture does not do the soup justice, it really is very good.

Corn bread goes well with many soups, so the girls made that as well, and cut it into square pieces, of course.

Dessert was chocolate brownies baked in a square pan, cut into squares, and decorated with square root symbols. We decided the pieces might be too large if we divided the pan into only 9 pieces, so we cut it into 16 in anticipation of the next Square Root Day. We didn't originate this idea, so I wonder how many other families celebrated Square Root Day, and how they celebrated? Did any of our readers celebrate?


  1. I am more a fan of pi day. Which is coming up vary soon!!

  2. Actually, this March 14 is only "Sorta Pi Day." The real Pi Day won't come until 2016...