Thursday, March 19, 2009

Construction update #29

There's not a lot to report on construction around the house and barn, but since the weather has been delightful this week, we have accomplished a bit outside. The last few days have been spent transplanting a couple of sun-loving plants from a shady side of the house to the middle of the yard, throwing down some grass seed, and moving some dirt.

Before I filled in the hole that used to be on the right side of the meter, we straightened the conduit running up into the base of the meter. Several wheelbarrows of dirt later, the hole was filled near to the level of the surrounding dirt. The pile of dirt above grade came out of the ditch I dug today for the conduit that runs out to the barn. My buddy Bud (is that redundant?) pulled the wires from the disconnect pictured here to the panel in the garage a few weeks ago so I could have temporary power out there. Now that the ditch is dug, we can finish running the conduit and call the outdoor wiring complete.

Here's a little wider shot that shows the old disconnect on the pole along with a nice roll of used wire hanging above it. It won't be long and all the dirt will be back underground where it belongs.

Lastly, a shot of the barn just after sunset so you don't forget what it looks like. Another accomplishment in the last couple weeks was spreading the last couple tons of the gravel on the drive. Thanks for stopping by!

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