Monday, September 8, 2008

Corn in the backyard, week 15

September 6
This image was actually taken on Saturday at 9 AM instead of the usual Sunday at 9 routine. The stalks still appear to need a good bit of drying, but then we haven't had our normal four weeks of 90+ degree weather this summer (for which I am thankful).
It appears that "anonymous" was the only one brave enough to venture a guess on the height of the corn back on week 12. Anonymous guessed 10'8" but the corn actually measured only 10'4". I still think their calculation was worthy of an engineer since it is difficult to discern the height from the picture without a little logic and mental manipulation. Congratulations anonymous!

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  1. Perhaps you should change your wording just a bit..."worthy of a homeschooling mom"

    The very blessed husband of anonymous