Monday, September 29, 2008

Construction update #13

The laminated beams that we expected on Monday came in ahead of schedule so Gene picked them up Saturday morning with the intention that we would set them on the walls and proceed to lay the lay flooring sheets on top of the joists. I don't think the Ranger has ever carried anything quite as long as those four 28-foot beams!

Here are the beams after Gene glued and nailed them together. We were both pulled away to other activities on Saturday, so the beams never went any further than what you see here.

Gene added a few sheets of OSB to the west side of the building while I was gone.

I dug out a bit of dirt below our electric meter so we could identify where the conduit goes. That will be necessary as we move the electric meter and bury the wires.

At the end of the day on Saturday the site doesn't look a lot different, but here you have it anyway.

Monday's activities were rained out, but the weather forecast predicts sunny weather ahead.

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