Friday, September 26, 2008

Construction update #12

On Thursday, Gene and Sam were able to complete the east wall and set one of the I-joists before Sam had to leave. Gene proceeded to set a few of the joists by himself, and saved the rest of them until I got there so I could join in the fun too.

Here's a short video composed of still images that gives you some idea of how the joists went into place. Notice the images of Gene carrying the second end of the joist up the ladder on his shoulder. I think he likes doing that kind of stuff that makes him feel like he could do some steer wrestling.

After all the I-joists were in place, Gene took a moment to claim dominion over the lumber.

And this was how the project looked at the end of the day Thursday.

Friday saw Gene straightening and bracing some of the walls so he could add the OSB sheathing and prepare the building for more beams on Monday.

Here's a shot from inside the garage illustrating some of the bracing.

I took this shot from down low so you could appreciate the pergola effect of the I-joists. They're only nailed to the south wall so we can adjust both the north and south walls before everything is nailed in place. The two gaps where the joists are missing are left open for laminated beams that will support more weight. Those beams should arrive Monday.

The end of the day photo for Friday.

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  1. Wow, This is very cool. I am glad things are coming along. I wish I could be there to help. I am impressed with the video. You have come along ways with this blog. Even I don't have my own youtube video.