Saturday, September 20, 2008

Beef (and peppers): it's what's for dinner

We've been eating a lot of beef lately. Fortunately, we have a good bit of beef in the freezer. What has us increasing our consumption is the 1/4 cow due to hit our freezer in about a month. Consequently, the grill has seen lots of action. Tonight we had hamburgers and as a special treat we tried grilled jalapenos.
Our friends, the Anonymous family, dropped off a large bag of peppers today along with instructions on making tasty grilled stuffed peppers. Since the grill was already hot, why not give it a try? I guess I shouldn't be surprised that some of the peppers were pretty tame while others cleared your sinuses.

Thanks Anonymous for sharing the wonderful peppers, and the delightful idea for preparing them!


  1. How about sharing that delightful recipe?

  2. The "recipe" is simply slicing the peppers longways and removing as many seeds as you want to avoid. The peppers are filled with cheddar cheese and bacon and set on the grill until blistered nicely. We microwaved the bacon before we put it in the peppers. Serve hot with plenty of bread available to absorb hot pepper juices if necessary!