Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Basement Remodel Project: Hanging Drywall

Have you ever noticed how a room can grow and shrink with each successive phase of a project? In this case, I believe mounting the drywall sheets to the walls of our basement made the rooms grow a bit.  Here are several photos at different stages of completion.

This image shows the south end of the family room early in the hanging process.

A closer view of the pantry closet and stair landing a little later, but not quite at the end.

The view to the north from the stairs shows the closets on the north end of the family room more clearly.  The pieces of drywall that don't match the majority are simply scraps left over from prior projects.

In this view of the family room closets, almost all the pieces were hung and waiting for the mudding to begin.

This is the view from the bedroom looking south into the family room.

Another view of the stairwell clearly showing drywall pieces in three different colors.


  1. This looks like a huge project. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the completed rooms. Are you doing this all by yourself?


  2. Victoria, the project is big enough to consume most of my spare time over most of 2014, and it may be a few more months before we post pictures on the completed project. I've been grateful for the help Karen and the girls have offered, and we paid someone to lay carpet last week, but I've done most of the work myself.