Saturday, June 8, 2013

Traffic jam

Our road doesn't get a huge amount of traffic, and a disproportionate percentage is agricultural equipment, but today we experienced an annual phenomenon that raises the tractor percentage even higher.  Several times this morning, groups of tractors like this rumbled by together.  You see, the Tremont Turkey Festival is taking place this weekend and the antique tractor pull event occurred today just two miles north of our house.  Evidently quite a few contestants from the south find it convenient to simply drive their tractor to the competition, which makes for little parades like this all morning.

Maybe it's because these convoys don't happen every week, or maybe it's because you don't see this in the big cities; whatever the reason, I like it.


  1. My husband could sit and watch a parade like that for hours, but that's not something we see here in the big city.


  2. Victoria, I'd be happy to join him anytime!