Sunday, June 23, 2013

Have fabric, will travel

Lily spent a few months last year in Ohio and Michigan making costumes for a Christian movie project, and in addition, made several good friends.  She met most of these friends again in South Carolina in May for another smaller movie project, and was asked to help on costumes this month for yet another movie.  This time four of her friends brought their supplies to our house.

Here's the crew doing what they do best, plus they've recruited Karen to help out.  Gretel is just enjoying the entertainment.

The hand-sewing party pictured above is more common than not.

Gabe using the serger on a non-movie-related project.  Most of the supplies you see in this view of the sewing room belong to the movie project including all those leather hides on the floor.

Josh at the frequently-used ironing station.  No, that's not a skirt he's wearing, it's a kilt.  There's a difference.  I think.  To be fair, Josh, Gabe, and Levi enjoy wearing period clothing whenever possible, and their kilt outfits are almost the only 21st century clothes they wear.  These folks take costuming seriously.


  1. Didn't know it was possible for your house to look more chaotic than when we are there... :-)
    Are we allowed to ask what movie it's for?

  2. Kathryn, you and Tara are neat freaks compared to these folks! The movie is about Polycarp.

  3. I want to become your best friend so that I can be invited to one of your slammin' hand sewing parties... ;-)591