Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We finally have an identity

There are times when privacy and seclusion are good things.  There are other times when you'd like to help folks find your house.  Like when guests are coming over, or the UPS delivery guy has a package for you, or a customer is trying to find your place of business.  As far as we can tell, folks have been having trouble identifying our house for over 50 years, since we have no indication house numbers ever adorned our abode.

We chose these 5-inch-tall, stainless steel numbers powder coated in dark bronze hoping that they would coordinate well with the other craftsmanish features of the house.  Designed to stand off the wall about a quarter inch, we've anchored them in the stone between our two front doors.



Can't see the numbers very well in this photo?  Come on over and see for yourself, up close and personal!

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